From the first recorded name “untere Schaidl-Behausung” to the present name “Herrschaftstaverne”

The Herrschaftstaverne is a hotel with tradition and is now managed by our family in the third generation. And several generations also look after our guests, from the „Boss“  Diethard and his wife Marlene, with sons Christoph, Lorenz, Josef and the baby of the family Paul but also including Grandma, the good soul of the house. Why is the hotel called “Herrschaftstaverne“?

Well, as the story goes …

Originally the farm estate in Ennstal in Styria was known as “unterer Schaidl” or as “äusserer Schaidl” at least according to first references in the year 1758. Up until 1803 the hamlet Haus im Ennstal was under the administration of the Archbishopric of Salzburg and was managed by the officials of the archbishopric who lived and worked in the administration building known as “The Palace”. The core of the building has its origins in the 16th century and on the outer facade can still be seen today the coat of arms of the Salzburg Archbishop Hieronymus Graf Colloredo (1772–1812). The administrators resided in the “palace” like lords of the manor and were certainly not averse to secular culinary pleasures. And so they often dined in the neighbouring “Tavern”, today the Hotel Herrschaftstaverne. This name is thus derived from the old tavern culture (i.e. hostelry), laws from the time under government from Salzburg. In the course of time, the name Herrschaftstaverne became common parlance and this has remained to the present day.

Pictures from former times …

How time flies! Fashions change, architectural concepts too … but one thing remains constant the whole time and that is the hospitality of the Herrschaftstaverne. And we are very proud of this.

We hope you enjoy leafing through our photo album with pictures of former day …

  • delivery of beer in 1930
    delivery of beer in 1930
  • brewery Schladming delivering beer
    brewery Schladming delivering beer
  • Herrschaftstaverne farmyard in 1938
    Herrschaftstaverne farmyard in 1938
  • old Herrschaftstaverne farmyard in 1934
    old Herrschaftstaverne farmyard in 1934
  • old guest room
    old guest room
  • old guest room
    old guest room
  • dining room in 1965 with record player
    dining room in 1965 with record player
  • bar in 1965
    bar in 1965
  • old saloon
    old saloon
  • family Steger – Your hosts
    family Steger – Your hosts