Our guests often ask us about the name of our hotel “Herrschaftstaverne”. This name goes back to the time when our hotel really was a “tavern”. Up until the year 1803, Haus im Ennstal was under the administration of the Archbishopric of Salzburg and the ruling officials were quite happy to enjoy dining in grand style. The name “Herrschaftstaverne” stems from the former hostelry jurisdiction under Salzburg rule which in time eventually became more civil. The name has remained till today.


Today the hotel is managed by us, Diethard and Claudia Steger and our sons Christoph, Lorenz, Josef and Paul. It may be true that we have not been associated with the Herrschaftstaverne for so long in terms of history but nevertheless, we can look back on around 100 years: The “Gasthof zur Herrschaftstaverne” came into possession of the Steger family in 1907, when it was bought by Karl and Julie Lackner, the aunt of Anna Steger. As this couple were to remain childless, the farm estate was passed down to Anna Steger, who continued to run the business with her husband Josef. Since 1965 their son Josef and his wife Herta Steger have been at the helm.

1979 was a significant year in the eventful history of the Herrschaftstaverne, as this was the year when the old house was torn down and rebuilt completely new. And from now on this courageous approach to change and renewal continued: Since then the hotel has been converted or extended practically every year. For example, the swimming pool, the conservatory, the tower, the cozy lounges, the bar, our rooms or also changes in agriculture … And we keep coming up with new ideas – our next project is the new design for the wellness area. Simply enjoy the surprises in store and look forward to the next stages of development as we continue the eventful history of our Herrschaftstaverne!

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