Petting zoo, bread baking and so much more …

Hopping around with the cheeky Cameroon sheep, stroking fluffy rabbits, feeding the cattle in the barn with hay, baking bread … Everyday is a special and exciting day at Hotel Herrschaftstaverne. Our young guests also enjoy special menus, a children’s room for playing to their heart’s content and of course: outside the door – the greatest adventure playground is Mother Nature!

Our offer for our young visitors

Bread and pizza baking in the stone oven in the garden
Petting zoo with Cameroon sheep and rabbits
Hotel farm cultivation with cattle to see and to help with
Playground with giant swing, trampoline and slide
Water fun at 29 degrees in our hotel swimming pool
Children’s playroom with slide

The kids play paradise

Come in to our new play paradise! You will be astonished: children can play and have fun on an area of 150 m²! Slides, Crawling cave, mirror labyrinth, table football and all kinds of great toys. All young boulder fans can look forward to the climbing wall in mountain design.

  • Spielparadies Herrschaftstaverne
  • Boulderwand im Hotel
  • Kinderspielzimmer im Hotel in Haus im Ennstal
  • Kinderspielzimmer mit Rutsche
  • Kinderspielzimmer Hotel Haus im Ennstal
  • Kletterwand im Hotel für Kinder
    Spielparadies mit Kletterwand
  • Hotel mit Kinderspielzimmer, Schladming
  • Boulderwand im Hotel
  • Kinderspielzimmer Hotel Herrschaftstaverne, Haus
  • Tischtennis im Kinderspielzimmer, Hotel Herrschaftstaverne
    "Kuhles" Spielparadies
  • Tolle Angebote für Kinder im Hotel Herrschaftstaverne
  • Familienurlaub im Hotel Herrschaftstaverne
  • Kinderspielzimmer Hotel Haus im Ennstal
  • Kuhles Spielparadies
  • Kinderspielzimmer Hotel Herrschaftstaverne, Haus
  • Kinderspielzimmer Wanddesign
  • Kinderspielzimmer Hotel Herrschaftstaverne, Haus
  • Kinderspielzimmer Hotel Herrschaftstaverne, Haus
  • Kinderspielzimmer Hotel Herrschaftstaverne, Haus
  • Kinderspielzimmer Hotel Herrschaftstaverne, Haus
Boulderwand im Hotel

All highlights in the play paradise

Great slide
Toddler area with games of skill
Crawling caves
Climbing wall in mountain design
Crawl tunnel and crawler
Firefighting fireman’s pole
mirror maze
T-wall games Wall
table tennis


Tips for adventures and excursions in the region

What a lovely day! Where shall we go today? A happy family swimming pool & sunbathing day, adrenaline in the high rope park or maybe a trip up the Dachstein? On a holiday in Haus im Ennstal in Styria there is no such thing as boredom! With the Schladming-Dachstein Summer Card you also have 100 Bonus Points free of charge for your holiday – for example every day a mountain and valley ride with the cable car of your choice.

And in winter? Have you already skied down all the slopes or sprung over all the hurdles with your snowboard? Have you already discovered all the winter hiking trails or new snowfall?

Well, we still have more tips for you for unforgettable experiences in your summer or winter vacation in Haus im Ennstal.

10 Summer Adventures,
not to be missed!

  1. High mountain playground on Mount Planai
  2. Climbing and adventure park Gröbming
  3. Dachstein Skywalk and Ice Palace
  4. Tandem paragliding
  5. Rafting
  6. Downhill & mountain go-kart Hochwurzen
  7. Zipline on the Stoderzinken
  8. Leisure baths Haus im Ennstal
  9. Alpine lake fishing
  10. Archery

more summer experiences

  • Tandem paragliding at the Airsthetik aeronautics school
  • Archery in Haus im Ennstal
  • Dachstein Skywalk
  • Zipline Stoderzinken
  • Open air swimming & leisure pool Haus im Ennstal
  • Rafting in Gröbming
  • Climbing and Adventure Park Gröbming

10 Winter Adventures,
not to be missed!

  1. “Kinderland” on Hauser Kaibling
  2. Dachstein Skywalk and Ice Palace
  3. Night toboggan run on Hochwurzen
  4. Grimming Thermal Baths
  5. Amadé Leisure & Thermal Baths
  6. Pistenbully rides
  7. Night slalom in Schladming
  8. Fat biking
  9. Igloo building
  10. Horse sleigh rides

more winter experiences

  • Dachstein Skywalk
  • Dachstein Ice Palace
  • Romantic carriage-ride
  • Nightrace in Schladming
  • suspension bridge Dachstein Glacier
  • Pisten-Bully fun at Hauser Kaibling
  • Tobogganing at night Hochwurzen